Photography changes all the time, with every client quite rightly having their unique style, each wanting different things from their very own wedding photography.
The way you feel on your wedding day is unique, and our job is to capture that moment, that feeling, in your beautiful wedding photos.

Due to the importance of your special event, for our weddings, we work with a team of selected photographers, with options for one, two or more photographers in attendance, ensuring you get maximum coverage and consistency of images.

We will go out of our way to ensure that your wedding day is as relaxed and enjoyable as possible, ensuring each image taken documenting your day feels yours authentically.

You’ve come to the right place if you happen to be on the lookout for the best Liverpool photographer to capture moments for your big day. There are many posts online on how to find your big day’s best choice of Wedding Photographer. Hopefully, this page will guide you on what to look for and how to book the perfect Liverpool wedding photographer for you.

Wedding photographers are a difficult service supplier to choose from because you can’t judge them as quickly as others, unlike other vendors responsible for food, decor, and entertainment. In most scenarios, you don’t know what you’ll be receiving until after your wedding.

That is probably way too late!

If you’re tempted to let your groom’s best mate photograph the wedding because he thinks he’s the next David Bailey, think again. While your budget might thank you for it, gambling with your only tangible memories of the most important day of your life isn’t advisable. Finding a professional Liverpool wedding photographer with a good track record and a great approach who is an expert with lighting and composition – and who’ll take the best pictures possible on this once-in-a-lifetime day – is something you should research carefully. Remember, if you’re not happy with your wedding pictures, it will be hard (although not impossible) to recreate them.

1. How do you start planning your wedding photography

Think about the style of photographs you want. Whether you're after traditional posed pictures or a fluid reportage style, you want to ensure the person you choose is professional, proficient and perfect for you. You can find photographers through personal recommendations, wedding fairs, the Classified sections of You & Your Wedding, hotel managers, Yellow Pages, internet forums and local newspapers. Professional bodies such as the Master Photographers Association are also invaluable sources.

2. How will we know what style we want?

This will depend on the type of pictures you want. Reportage photography has become more popular recently as it captures the moments of the day organically. Make sure you find a photographer with creative flair and plenty of experience in this style. On the other hand, suppose you come from a big family, and it's essential to have lots of traditional portraits of you all to keep your parents happy. In that case, you may want to choose someone whose portfolio is full of lots of conventional posed photography and formal line-ups.

3. What if we want a mix of photographic styles?

Many couples want a mixture of posed and reportage photos, but it's not necessarily that easy. Traditional photographers might not be skilled at reportage photography, and vice versa. Discuss your needs with the photographer before you make a decision. They may be prepared to incorporate both styles to include some formal line-ups and more natural shots.

1. What makes a good wedding photogapher?

Look at albums of different photographers as you narrow down your search. The sign of a skilled photographer is consistently good photos from one wedding. Suppose they're adept at high-quality portraits and traditional wedding photography. In that case, you should be looking at good lighting, impressive background settings and perhaps some soft-focus effects for close-up shots. With reportage photographers, it's essential to look at complete albums from other people's weddings. Anyone can get a couple of natural images, but it takes real skill to capture the magic of the entire day this way.

2. WHat else should you look for in a photographer?

Check that your photographer is covered by professional indemnity insurance if something goes wrong with the camera or the film gets lost or damaged. Unfortunately, this insurance doesn't cover the style of the photographs, so you must discuss this with your photographer before the wedding day. Make sure you talk to the photographer in person, as you want to make sure you feel comfortable with them and feel confident that they have a good attitude. They must be experienced with weddings and deal with highly charged emotions (and members of your families!) with ease and charm. The best wedding photographers will treat your day as a special event rather than just another job and endeavour to perfectly capture the magic of your wedding day on film.

1. Copyright

The photographer owns the copyright for your images and all reprints must be ordered through him or her.

2. Booking in advance

Good photographers can get booked up one or two years in advance. make sure you start looking early if you're planning a summer or Saturday wedding.

3. Budget

Photography can cost up to 10-15% of your wedding budget so it pays to compare prices, but this is one area you shouldn't be prepared to scrimp on.

4. Cost Breakdown

Make sure you ask for a breakdown of the costs. the total fee will depend on how long the photographer spends at your wedding, the number of pictures taken and the type of album.

5. Reprints

Photographers tend to keep negatives or digital disc. consider and compare the reprint prices when doing your initial research.

As a Liverpool based wedding photographer, many of my weddings are based in and around the Merseyside and north-west region. This does not mean that we do not cover weddings in Cheshire and Manchester regularly. We have also ventured much further afield, so if your wedding plans are coming together and require a photographer, get in touch and see if we can work with you to capture your perfect day.

When searching online, you will find the details for many a Liverpool Wedding Photographer, but I would suggest that you take a look at their work online. Check their reviews on google, and even set up a video chat or in-person meeting to discuss your needs. Choosing the right photographer for your special day is vital in getting the best record possible for your magical moment.

In addition to working as a Wedding, Headshot and Portrait Photographer in Liverpool, I also have a studio offering studio sessions. These can be ideal to book before your wedding to get some bridal shots, even with bridesmaids, or maybe even a group session of the groom, best man and groomsmen before the wedding day.

It may be that you are struggling to find your perfect photographer, and in complete honesty, each photographer has a different style and personality. So you need to make sure that you feel that connection with them before booking them, that way, when it comes to your wedding, you know you have someone you trust and someone who will work with you to get the pictures you need.

In 2003 after 11 years of being together with me and my much better half, Michelle got married at St Chads Church in Kirkby. The day was perfect, and we were surrounded by well-wishing friends and family sharing our big day. Hymns were sung, vows exchanged, food and drink consumed, and plenty of dancing and drinking into the early hours.

Once the dust settled, people had gone home, and life returned to normal. Apart from our shared memories of a fantastic day, the only thing that remained of the event was our photography. The cake was gone, champagne was drunk, and the dress was in a box along with a selection of treasured mementoes. They say that you can usually remember what inspired you to make the significant changes, and for me, it was our wedding photography. Whilst, not a total disaster, we had hoped for a little better and whilst we saw past the majority of the issues, the fact remained that they were there.

Six weeks after our wedding, I bought a DSLR camera, learned about photography, and eventually took wedding and portrait photography seriously. There were lessons already learnt in seeing unfocused images, key family members missing from staged shots and poor cropping, which meant some people were half in and half out. But, more importantly, it became apparent that there needed to be a connection with the photographer and the moment taking place, particularly the people involved.

This was true back then and still a belief I hold, possibly more today, with every shot I take.

We frequently work on location across the northwest, often travelling between Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire. Visits to our studio at The Secret Warehouse are therefore strictly by appointment only. 

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