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So, you're looking for a Portrait Photographer

What portraits do we offer?

As you can probably tell from our website, we take lots and lots of pictures of people. In fact, it’s our favourite job.
We undertake many different portraits, however one of our guidelines is that we only shoot images that would be permitted to be published on social media platforms. If you’re not sure if this applies to you, please get in touch.
In a similar way to our Headshot Photography, even though we can tailor all of our services, we prefer to keep things simple; there is a session fee and there is an image fee. Thay way you are in control of how much your photography is going to cost.
We try to usually take between 100 and 400 images along with a quick review during the studio session as we go along. We then upload these to a one of our private online galleries allowing you to then choose your final images. These are then edited for you ensuring we get the very best from each image selected, according to the purpose for which the image was taken. Your final images are then finally emailed across via a secure download link.
Images can include black and white options, full colour, studio shoots or outside where requested. We are able to amend or customise each of our services to ensure they are tailored to your needs wherever possible. 
Our portraits try to capture the essence of the subject, bringing the image to life whilst giving it credibility and authenticity. The essence of a person can be defined as the characteristic or intrinsic feature of an individual which determines their identity or fundamental nature. 
We want our images to be engaging, unique and beautiful portraits – bringing to life the personality and character of the person we are working with.
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Thank you, you're a superstar. Great job...I really like the way you've made me look younger- Phil B.

Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio

Imaging Retouching and Editing

Do we Retouch & Edit Our Portraits?

The simple answer to that question is YES although the extent of our work is entirely dependent on both the subject and the purpose of your images.

Generally you will hear us say in the edit we will try to make it look like you have had a little more sleep and a little more water, making you look more refreshed where required.

Your retouching may include:

Stray / Flying hair fixed, Eye bags removed, Skin spots, Acne, Scars, Mole removed, Teeth whitened, Eye enhancement, Removal of pimples and wrinkles, Body/Face reshaped, Skin smoothed.
With try with all our images to undertake minor skin retouching, natural tone adjustment and colour correction. Our general rule usually adopted is that if a blemish or imperfection will not be visible in 6 months, then we “fix it” during the final edit.
At the end of the day we aim to make our clients happy with the work we do, and most of  all aim to produce portraits of real people without losing the sense of who they are and authenticity.
We are occasionally asked if the unedited images are available. We try to take our time ensuring our images meet the high standards and expectations of our clients, especially when our name is attached to it. Handing out unretouched images could potentially mean these are later edited in a style inconsistent or inferior to our own process, and as such we only provide edited work. 
Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio

Frequently Asked Questions !!

How much is a portrait session?

For full details of our pricing – please visit the pricing page on the website


Why come to us for your portrait?

We understand there are many other Liverpool Photographers out there offering a professional portraits. Many of them fantastic at what they do, each offering beautiful images to their clients.

Here are a couple of reasons why we may be worth considering when looking at Leon Britton Photography to provide your portrait:

– Our spacious studio / shooting space is located within the Secret Warehouse, Liverpool L20. Full of character and great for location shots not only in our studio but also around the warehouse.

– There’s plenty of ‘free’ street parking available nearby and local transport links and the nearest train station (Bank Hall) are only several minutes walk away.

– For each portrait session we set up a minimum of five different indoor background options, at the same time.

– Multiple and mobile lighting options in our studio mean we can go from scene to scene with no delay.

– The Studio shooting area is covered by CCTV allowing peace of mind at all times for all parties at the session.


Our aim is to provide you with a selection of top quality beautiful portraits that will give you cherished memories for years to come. We aim to help you, capture the emotion, set the mood and some fun along the way. Your portrait neds to look like you, maybe several versions of you…

As mentioned before we take plenty of shots, quite possibly more than enough, and we check them as we go along, to make sure you are happy. If you have any questions about our sessions, please let us know

Commercial Headshots

If you’re looking for workplace or on-location headshot sessions for you and your team, take a look at our Professional headshots and pricing page for more information

Getting in touch should always be easy, and we will always come back to you ASAP


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