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what makes a great dating profile image?

Everything has now moved online, from ordering groceries, paying bills, and chatting with friends to finding a potential partner. This can often be overwhelming, and the initial judgments we make about others are often formed within a few seconds of seeing their picture for the first time.


In the digital age of romance, your online dating profile image isn’t just a photo—it’s your introduction, first impression, and often your initial chance at sparking a connection. A captivating profile picture can be the difference between someone swiping past or taking a moment to read your bio. It’s about presenting your genuine self, but in the best light, showcasing not just your appearance but your personality, confidence, and essence. Investing in a professional dating profile photograph ensures you’re putting your best foot forward, increasing the likelihood of meaningful interactions and potential matches. Let’s dive into how the right image can transform your dating journey.

From our Liverpool-based portrait photography studio, we are passionate about capturing beautiful and authentic images that showcase our clients’ unique personalities and characters. 

Our award-winning studio has a reputation for excellence in people photography. We have the expertise and equipment to deliver top-quality results. We can conduct sessions on location or in our studio, whatever works best to achieve your desired outcome.

To ensure compliance with social media platform regulations, we follow strict guidelines and only shoot images that are permitted to be published online, including social media sites. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are looking for a new set of images to update your dating profile online in Liverpool, look no further. We would love to capture your unique personality and create an image that you will be proud to share online. 

Ready to transform your dating journey with a new set of images? Get in touch today to schedule your session and let us capture your unique personality!

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Dating Profile
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Do we Retouch & Edit Our photography?

Absolutely, the answer is a resounding YES. However, the depth of our retouching is tailored to the subject and the purpose of the images. For dating profile images, we suggest only a light retouch. The reason being, it’s essential for your online representation to closely mirror your real-life appearance, ensuring genuine connections and interactions. During the editing process, our aim is to present you at your refreshed best, subtly enhancing features to give the impression of a well-rested and hydrated you.

Our suite of retouching services encompasses fixing stray hairs, diminishing eye bags, erasing temporary blemishes, acne, or scars, brightening teeth, accentuating eyes, and refining skin texture. Minor skin retouching, natural tone adjustments, and color corrections are standard practices for all our images. As a guiding principle, if a blemish or imperfection is temporary and wouldn’t be visible in six months, we address it during our meticulous final edit.

Our overarching goal is to delight our clients while preserving the genuine essence and unique character in our portraits. While we occasionally encounter requests for unedited images, our commitment to excellence and consistency means we exclusively provide our clients with refined, edited work.

What happens at a
Photo Session ?

For every client seeking dating profile photography, we aim to grasp the essence of what you wish to convey through your images. Recognizing the importance of first impressions in the digital dating realm, we tailor our sessions to align with your desired portrayal, be it sophisticated, relaxed, or anything in between.

Each session yields between 100 to 400 images, with periodic reviews ensuring a diverse array of shots that best represent your personality and style.

Upon concluding the session, your images are uploaded to a private online gallery, enabling you to handpick your favourites. Once you’ve made your selections and completed the payment, we embark on refining them to perfection. The polished images are then sent to you via a secure download link, which remains active for seven days, ensuring timely access.

Every chosen image is provided in both vibrant colour and classic black and white. To enhance your online presence, we also offer resized versions optimized for popular social and dating platforms ,ensuring your profile stands out in the vast digital landscape.

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what makes a bad dating profile image?

A dating profile photograph serves as a first impression in the digital realm of romance, and while beauty is subjective, there are certain elements that can universally detract from the effectiveness of such an image. 

Here’s what typically constitutes a bad dating profile photograph:

Poor Lighting: One of the most common culprits, poor lighting can cast unflattering shadows, create glare, or make the image too dark or washed out. Good lighting accentuates features and sets the mood.

Low Resolution: Blurry or pixelated images can give the impression of carelessness or a lack of authenticity.

Distracting Backgrounds: An overly busy or messy background can divert attention away from the main subject. It’s essential that the focus remains on the individual.

Outdated Photos: Using old photos where one looks significantly different can set false expectations and lead to trust issues when meeting in person.

Overly Edited/Filtered: While some touch-ups can enhance a photo, excessive use of filters or editing can make it look unnatural and misleading.

Inauthentic Expressions: Forced or insincere smiles, or poses that don’t resonate with one’s true personality, can come off as disingenuous.

Inappropriate Content: Images that are too provocative, showcase excessive partying, or include other people (leading to confusion about who the profile belongs to) can send the wrong message.

Lack of Variety: Using multiple photos that look almost identical or don’t showcase different facets of one’s personality and life can be a missed opportunity.

Poor Framing: Cutting off parts of the face or body, or being too far away to be recognizable, can detract from the image’s effectiveness.

Misleading Angles: While it’s okay to want to look one’s best, using angles that drastically alter one’s appearance can be misleading.

In essence, a good dating profile photograph should be a clear, recent, and genuine representation of the individual, capturing their personality and making a positive first impression.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a photography session?

Packages for Photography Session for Dating profile images are listed on this page

Why come to us for your Dating Profile images?

We understand there are many other Liverpool Photographers out there offering a professional portraits. Many of them fantastic at what they do, each offering beautiful images to their clients.

Here are a couple of reasons why we may be worth considering when looking at Leon Britton Photography to provide your images:

– Our spacious studio / shooting space is located within the Secret Warehouse, Liverpool L20. Full of character and great for location shots not only in our studio but also around the warehouse.

– There’s plenty of ‘free’ street parking available nearby and local transport links and the nearest train station (Bank Hall) are only several minutes walk away.

– For each portrait session we set up a minimum of five different indoor background options, at the same time.

– Multiple and mobile lighting options in our studio mean we can go from scene to scene with no delay.

– The Secret Warehouse is covered by CCTV allowing peace of mind at all times for all parties at the session.

– We understand that you may not want to share everyone that you are online looking for a partner, that’s why we do not differentiate any of the images we have in our galleries as portraits or dating profiles.


Our aim is to provide you with a selection of top quality beautiful portraits that will give you cherished memories for years to come. We aim to help you, capture the emotion, set the mood and some fun along the way. Your portrait neds to look like you, maybe several versions of you…

As mentioned before we take plenty of shots, quite possibly more than enough, and we check them as we go along, to make sure you are happy. If you have any questions about our sessions, please let us know

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