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"I had a wonderful photography experience with Leon. Very professional and I would highly recommend for anyone who needs beautiful head shots.." - Jennifer Hayashi Danns, Author

Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio

Are Headshots for Professionals only?

Not at all, we don’t just provide professional headshots for business and commercial customers. On a daily basis we are the photographer for headshots provided to actors, authors, singers, entertainers, youtubers, lecturers, academics and doctors. We also provide many pictures that get used by our clients on their social media and dating profile pages. So next time you are searching for a “photographer for headshots near me” remember they are not exclusively for professionals. We aim to provide you with a selection of top-quality professional headshots that will give you confidence. They will also help you get the foot in the door, in front of a casting director or for your agent to use to represent you. A good headshot can open doors, create an expectation and tell a story. If you don’t have an image, you may be missing out on work and opportunities. You may never get the break you feel you deserve, no matter how good you are.
We aim to help you capture the emotion, set the mood and have some fun along the way. Your headshot needs to look like you, maybe several versions of you. As mentioned before, we take plenty of shots, quite possibly more than enough, and we check them as we go along to make sure you are happy.

We often get asked if our headshots can be used on actors websites, such as Spotlight. Simply put – Yes. Headshots for an actor are pretty much all you’ve got, especially if you have not met the casting director before. Often, casting directors to get to see 48-96 thumbnail images per page, so the headshots need to stand out, and more importantly – look like the individual and be current.
Usually, it works better to have several images, but not too many – each showing a slight change in brightness or personality without coming across as too staged. Its often thought more than ten is too many, but less than 2 is too few – with the average being 4-6 in total.

Together we produce Images that get you noticed AND remembered

Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio
Edits and Retouching

Are headshot images retouched or edited?

The simple answer is YES, although the extent of our work is entirely dependent on both the subject and the purpose of your images.

Retouching may include:

Stray / Flying hair fixing, Eye bags removal, Skin spots, Acne, Scars, Mole removal, Teeth whitening, Eye enhancement, Removal of pimples and wrinkles, Body/Face reshaping, Skin smoothing.

With all our images, we undertake minor skin retouching, natural tone adjustment and colour correction. Usually, the general rule is that if a blemish or imperfection is not visible in six months, then we “fix it” during the edit.

We often also get asked if the unedited images are available. We take our time ensuring our photos meet our clients’ high standards and expectations, especially when our name is attached to them. However, handing out unretouched images could mean these are later edited in a style inconsistent or inferior to our process, and as such, we only provide edited work.

Close up of color woman retoucher holding stylus pencil moving on graphic tablet
abstract backdrop

"There is no strict rule that dictates the ideal colour in a headshot, sometimes we end up shooting with a few different options and see what works" - Leon Britton

Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio
Backdrops and Locations

How do i choose the perfect backdrop?

Studio backgrounds are the most typical headshot background you’ll see online. These backgrounds are usually white, grey, or black. Headshots with solid coloured backgrounds are perfect for your most professional aspects of work and online presence.

However, there is now a trend increasing in popularity where clients are choosing to break away traditions and bring elements of their personality or brand to the shoot by choosing different styles or colours of backgrounds. 

Generally though for a headshot a simple or plain background works well as it allows the subject to remain the primary focus of the image.

See the Backdrop Page for full examples

Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio
Headshots On-Location

Do we shoot workplace headshots?

The simple answer is YES.

For workplace business  and corporate headshot sessions, we first discuss your needs and work together to get the results and images you are looking for.

We may schedule a visit to check there is sufficient space to set up a session at your location and discuss the appropriate colours for backdrops. Similarly to our studio sessions, we price in two halves, a setup fee followed by a session fee. We’ve priced for both a half and full-day session to keep things simple, allowing for up to 10 or up to 25 subjects.

We will capture several images for each subject, which will be uploaded to a private client gallery for final selection. We professionally edit two selected pictures, and the final photos are sent digitally using a secure file transfer service.

Full pricing information can be found on the pricing page of our website

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Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio

Frequently Asked Questions !!

How much are headshots?

Full details of all our pricing, including headshots, portraits and weddings can be found on our Pricing Page


Is a headshot the same as a portrait?

It is pretty understandable to ask the difference between a headshot and a portrait. Whilst the terms are used interchangeably, there are differences. In the easiest of words, a professional headshot is a type of portrait. A professional headshot is a tightly cropped photo of the face from the shoulders up. Usually, the subject is ‘camera aware’ and looking right into the lens. This type of picture aims to get you noticed. A portrait is essentially any image where the subject is aware of the camera even if they are not looking directly at it.


What are the options available?

Even though we can tailor all of our services, sometimes it’s easier to select an off-the-shelf option. We usually take between 100 and 400 images, with a quick review is available during the studio session as we go along.
These are then uploaded to a private online gallery allowing you to choose your final images then. These are then edited, ensuring we get the best from each image selected, according to the purpose of the photo. Your final shots are then emailed across via a secure download link. Packages available include black and white options, full colour, studio shoots or outside. In addition, we are able to amend or customise each of our services to ensure they are tailored to your needs wherever possible. We pride ourselves not only on being able to help you choose what to wear but also on how to pose to get the best results. They say that an image speaks a thousand words, and when it comes to giving that right first impression – a fantastic headshot speaks for itself.


We have a lot of other pages on this site full of useful information for your headshot and portrait sessions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, dont’t hesitate to send us a message

Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio
Booking a headshot photography session

How do I book a Session?

By reading this, it’s already apparent that you are serious about updating or refreshing your professional images. 

Please take a look at the images on this site and on my social media. This will give you an indication of the style of images i am able to achieve from a headshot photo session. I shoot in a variety of styles and have many different photographic backgrounds we can use. If you like what you see, or are keen to pursue a particular style of shot you have seen on my site, let me know. Making sure you get the Headshot photo you want is my number one priority, and I need to understand what you are looking to achieve prior to photo shoot day. 

For individuals, our fully equipped Liverpool photo is able to offer a comprehensive head shots service with sessions running on average between 45 minutes and 2 hours. The studio is located within the wonderful Secret Warehouse with ample parking and close links to local transport. 

For our business and commercial clients we are able to offer professional headshots on location subject to discussion. This allows us to offer a commercial headshot session for example to a company looking to update their staff headshots, but are logistically unable to release them off-site, or the volume of numbers renders it impractical. Our usual area of operation is Liverpool, Merseyside and the surrounding areas including Greater Manchester, however we are not limited to this area.

On this site I have put a headshot questions and answers page that can hopefully answer questions like:

  • What are headshots?
  • What to wear for a professional headshot session
  • How to pose for a Linkedin Headshot photograph
  • What are the best tips for professional headshots?


and if there is anything i have missed, please drop me a line and let me know.

Commercial Headshots

If you’re looking for workplace or on-location headshot sessions for you and your team, take a look at our Professional headshots and pricing page for more information

Getting in touch should always be easy, and we will always come back to you ASAP

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