1. How much are headshots?

Full details of all our pricing, including headshots, portraits and weddings can be found on our Pricing Page

2. Is a headshot the same as a portrait?

It is pretty understandable to ask the difference between a headshot and a portrait. Whilst the terms are used interchangeably, there are differences. In the easiest of words, a professional headshot is a type of portrait. A professional headshot is a tightly cropped photo of the face from the shoulders up. Usually, the subject is 'camera aware' and looking right into the lens. This type of picture aims to get you noticed. A portrait is essentially any image where the subject is aware of the camera even if they are not looking directly at it.

3. What are the options available?

Even though we can tailor all of our services, sometimes it's easier to select an off-the-shelf option.
We usually take between 100 and 400 images, with a quick review is available during the studio session as we go along.
These are then uploaded to a private online gallery allowing you to choose your final images then. These are then edited, ensuring we get the best from each image selected, according to the purpose of the photo. Your final shots are then emailed across via a secure download link.
Packages available include black and white options, full colour, studio shoots or outside. In addition, we are able to amend or customise each of our services to ensure they are tailored to your needs wherever possible.
We pride ourselves not only on being able to help you choose what to wear but also on how to pose to get the best results.
They say that an image speaks a thousand words, and when it comes to giving that right first impression - a fantastic headshot speaks for itself.

4. Are Headshots for Professionals only?

Not at all, we don't just provide professional headshots for business and commercial customers.

On a daily basis we are the photographer for headshots provided to actors, authors, singers, entertainers, youtubers, lecturers, academics and doctors. We also provide many pictures that get used by our clients on their social media and dating profile pages.

So next time you are searching for a "photographer for headshots near me" remember they are not exclusively for professionals.

1. Why come to us for your headshots?

We understand there are many other Liverpool Photographers out there offering a professional headshot service. Many of them are fantastic at what they do, each offering exemplary images to their clients.
Here are a couple of reasons why we may be worth considering when looking at Leon Britton Photography to provide your professional headshots:
- Our spacious studio/shooting space is located within the Secret Warehouse, Liverpool L20.
- There is plenty of 'free' street parking available nearby.
- Local transport links and the nearest train station (Bank Hall) are only a few minutes away.
- For each headshot session, we set up a minimum of 5 different indoor background options simultaneously.
- Multiple and mobile lighting options in the studio mean we can go from scene to scene with no delay.
- Our changing room is well lit and adjacent to the studio, allowing quick and easy costume changes if required.
- The Studio shooting area is covered by CCTV, allowing peace of mind at all times for all parties.
Due to Covid-19 being in line with current guidelines, we have all required policies and procedures for compliance in place.

2. What do we aim to achieve?

We aim to provide you with a selection of top-quality professional headshots that will give you confidence. They will also help you get the foot in the door, in front of a casting director or for your agent to use to represent you. A good headshot can open doors, create an expectation and tell a story. If you don't have an image, you may be missing out on work and opportunities. You may never get the break you feel you deserve, no matter how good you are.
We aim to help you capture the emotion, set the mood and have some fun along the way. Your headshot needs to look like you, maybe several versions of you.
As mentioned before, we take plenty of shots, quite possibly more than enough, and we check them as we go along to make sure you are happy.
We often get asked if our headshots can be used on actors websites, such as Spotlight. Simply put - Yes.
Headshots for an actor are pretty much all you've got, especially if you have not met the casting director before. Often, casting directors to get to see 48-96 thumbnail images per page, so the headshots need to stand out, and more importantly - look like the individual and be current.
Usually, it works better to have several images, but not too many - each showing a slight change in brightness or personality without coming across as too staged. Its often thought more than ten is too many, but less than 2 is too few - with the average being 4-6 in total.

3. What if I don't know how to pose for a headshot?

Being honest - very few people actually do as it not something we tend to do every day.
We will lead you every step of the way with helpful guides and prompts to ensure we get the best out of your headshot photography session.

I was a bit nervous but was put at ease before I even got into the studio. Leon was great and managed to take some photos that made me look better than me. He was responsive to my initial email and super helpful through out the whole process.

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Jean McLean
Company Director

I had a great time in the studio with Leon and Amber. Firstly the studio is amazing and they made me feel so at ease and helped me with my nerves when I arrived. I told them what I was looking for and they knew straight away how to get the best out of me and produce images that I'm over the moon with. I would not hesitate to recommend Leon's services to anyone looking for great photos in a relaxed, no pressure environment.

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Danny Fitzpatrick
Professional Vocalist

We offer professional headshots across the northwest, often travelling between Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire. Visits to our Liverpool Photo Studio at The Secret Warehouse are therefore strictly by appointment only.

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