Backdrops & backgrounds
for studio photography

Photography backdrops come in so many styles and types that it can seem to be pretty confusing when trying to find that perfect match for your next shoot. You will need to decide between various colours, shades, patterns, and materials before we have taken a shot.

No one has time to try every backdrop during a shoot, but we have developed a good instinct for the right one, whether in the studio or on location.

We follow a few rules other than this: We don’t let the backdrop overwhelm you (that is unless it’s intentional.) So you see, there are no rules!

Whether you are having a product shoot, making a family portrait or photographing a professional model, so many excellent choices are available.

We have Muslin, seamless paper and vinyl backdrops – all in addition to the unlimited number of digital and composite backgrounds available to us.

The following images on this page show a selection of some of the physical backgrounds we have available in our Liverpool Photo Studio. Have a look, and if anything catches your eye – let us know.

The images below are actual photographs taken in our studio and processed as we would a normal photograph. This allows you to see what the final image can potentially look like, as opposed to taking an image directly from a manufacturers website.

You may be looking for a specific colour or background for your images; that’s not a problem. 

Let us know what it is you are looking to achieve and we will try to help where and when possible. 

We work with a wide variety of clients on a daily basis. These include commercial business professionals, actors, entertainers, doctors, authors, YouTube influencers, entrepreneurs and people looking to update their personal or dating profiles. We have experience of what works and if you have any ideas or are not sure – please ask. 

Whilst on some occasions we may not have the specific background to hand, we may be able to produce it digitally in post edit.

We frequently work on location across the northwest, often travelling between Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington and Cheshire. Visits to our studio at The Secret Warehouse are therefore strictly by appointment only.

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