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Are you looking for the best wedding photographer in Liverpool?

Look no further than Leon Britton Photography! Our award-winning team specialises in capturing once-in-a-lifetime moments with stunning detail. With years of experience and a passion for creating lasting memories, we freeze the unique moments of your special day in time.

We offer affordable packages and bespoke options tailored to your unique needs and style. Whether you prefer natural and relaxed shots or something more elaborate, we have you covered. Our creative, artistic approach ensures we capture the love and happiness found on your special day in incredible, non-invasive images.

We cover a wide area, including Liverpool, Merseyside, St Helens, Warrington, Greater Manchester, and beyond. Our team limits wedding bookings to 30-35 per year, giving you our full attention. We are proud members of the Guild of Wedding Photographers and have won several awards, including Merseyside Artistic and Commercial Photographer of the Year 2021 and Merseyside Wedding Photographer of the Year 2022.

Our packages start at only £599, with various options available.

Contact us to schedule a consultation and discuss your wedding photography needs. We are dedicated to making your special day unforgettable.

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Choosing your wedding photographer

What makes great wedding photography

At Leon Britton Photography, we’re passionate about capturing the unique moments and emotions of your wedding day. Our team of talented photographers work closely with you to understand your vision and preferences, ensuring that we capture the essence of your special day in beautiful photos that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

We pride ourselves on taking candid, natural shots of you and your loved ones, as well as more formal, posed shots that are essential for any wedding album. With two photographers at most weddings, we ensure that every moment of your big day is captured from multiple angles, giving you a wide selection of images to choose from.

We believe that every image captured on your wedding day is unique and valuable. That’s why we take as many photos as possible, so you can relive every moment of your special day through our images. We don’t believe in withholding photos from our clients, as we know that some of the best shots are often those that are unexpected or spontaneous.

At Leon Britton Photography, we’re dedicated to creating a stress-free and enjoyable environment for your wedding day. We work closely with you to ensure that every image we capture feels authentic and true to your unique story. Our range of packages includes options for one, two, or more photographers in attendance, giving you the flexibility to choose the level of coverage that suits your needs.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help make your wedding day unforgettable.

How to find a wedding photographer for you

Look at the albums of different photographers helps you narrow down your search. The sign of a skilled photographer is consistently good photos across a variety of photographic styles. Suppose they’re adept at high-quality portraits and traditional wedding photography. In that case, you should be looking at good lighting, impressive background settings and perhaps some soft-focus effects for close-up shots. With reportage photographers, it’s essential to look at a mixture of images from other people’s weddings. Anyone can get a couple of natural images, but it takes real skill to capture the magic of various days this way.

What else should you look for in a photographer?

Check that your photographer is covered by public liability insurance in case something untoward happens on the day.

The most import thing you need to do is talk to the photographer in person, as you want to make sure you feel comfortable with them and feel confident that they have a good attitude. They must be experienced with weddings and deal with highly charged emotions (and members of your families!) with ease and charm. The best wedding photographers will treat your day as a special event rather than just another job and endeavour to perfectly capture the magic of your wedding day on film.

We don’t take a single wedding booking or deposit until we have spoken in detail, met or video the couple beforehand. You need to be able to trust your photographer to get on with documenting your wedding and we need to fully understand your needs so we can meet them. It’s a two way thing, and we all have to agree that we can work together. 

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Wedding Photography Hints & Tips

When Booking your wedding photography

How do you start planning your wedding photography

Think about the style of photographs you want. Whether you’re after traditional posed pictures or a fluid reportage style, you want to ensure the person you choose is professional, proficient and perfect for you. You can find photographers through personal recommendations, wedding fairs, the Classified sections of You & Your Wedding, hotel managers, Yellow Pages, internet forums and local newspapers. Professional bodies such as the Master Photographers Association are also invaluable sources.

How will we know what style we want?

This will depend on the type of pictures you want. Reportage photography has become more popular recently as it captures the moments of the day organically. Make sure you find a photographer with creative flair and plenty of experience in this style. On the other hand, suppose you come from a big family, and it’s essential to have lots of traditional portraits of you all to keep your parents happy. In that case, you may want to choose someone whose portfolio is full of lots of conventional posed photography and formal line-ups.

What if we want a mix of photographic styles?

Many couples want a mixture of posed and reportage photos, but it’s not necessarily that easy. Traditional photographers might not be skilled at reportage photography, and vice versa. Discuss your needs with the photographer before you make a decision. They may be prepared to incorporate both styles to include some formal line-ups and more natural shots.

Who Owns the Copyright of the images taken?

The photographer owns the copyright for your images and all reprints (if applicable) must be ordered through him or her. In

How far ahead should we book?

Good photographers can get booked up one or two years in advance. make sure you start looking early if you’re planning a summer or Saturday wedding.

How much should we budget for our wedding photography?

Photography can cost up to 10-15% of your wedding budget so it pays to compare prices, but this is one area you shouldn’t be prepared to scrimp on. Make sure you ask for a breakdown of the costs. the total fee will depend on how long the photographer spends at your wedding, the number of pictures taken and the type of album.

Affordable Wedding Photography in Liverpool

Why Did We Start Photographing Weddings?

In 2003 after 11 years of being together Leon and his much better half, Michelle, got married at St Chads Church in Kirkby. The day was perfect, and they were surrounded by well-wishing friends and family sharing their big day. Hymns were sung, vows exchanged, food and drink consumed, and plenty of dancing and drinking into the early hours.

Once the dust settled, people had gone home, and life returned to normal. Apart from their shared memories of a fantastic day, the only thing that remained of the event was the photography. The cake was gone, champagne was drunk, and the dress was in a box along with a selection of treasured mementoes. They say that you can usually remember what inspired you to make the significant changes, and for Leon, it was their wedding photography. Whilst, not a total disaster, they had hoped for a little better and whilst they saw past the majority of the issues, the fact remained that they were there.

Six weeks after after the wedding, Leon bought a DSLR camera, learnt about photography, and began to shoot wedding and portrait photography on a regular basis. There were lessons already learnt in seeing unfocused images, key family members missing from staged shots and poor cropping, which meant some people were half in and half out. But, more importantly, it became apparent that there needed to be a connection with the photographer and the moment taking place, particularly with the people involved.

This was true back then and still a belief Leon holds, possibly more today, with every shot he takes.

Wedding Photography



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Includes 6 Hours Coverage



Includes 9 Hours Coverage



All Day Coverage

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Optional Wedding Photography Options

Can I add options to any of the packages?

Yes you can!

Optional wedding photography upgrades:

– Additional Photographer – £299

– Pre-Wedding Bridal Shoot – £249

– Additional Coverage (Hrly) – £149

– Digital Slideshow – £129

– Social Media Pack – £49

We also offer a range of handmade British leather wedding albums, with many customisation options. This includes, embossing, acrylic covers, metallic covers, pocket size album replicas, mini photobooks and personalised USB sticks.

Pricing on this page is for weddings that fall within a 30 mile radius of our studio at L20 8HN. For events beyond this a nominal charge will be added to cover additional travel and potentially accommodation. Please contact us for more information.

For more information, a copy of our price brochure or to arrange an informal phone-call, meeting or videocall please get in touch. 

Dates are secured by an initial deposit, followed by final payment 7 days prior to the wedding day. Full terms and conditions available on request, and all prices are correct as of July 2023 E&OE.

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Wedding Photography Hints & Top Tips

Booking your wedding photography

 Your Special Day Captured in Photos

Wedding photography is all about capturing the special moments of your big day so that you can look back on them for years to come. It requires skill, experience, and artistic vision to ensure that these moments are captured in a way that truly reflects the emotion of the day. It also requires knowledge of lighting and composition to capture the best images possible. Professional wedding photography services are an essential part of any wedding, as they will ensure that all of your special memories are captured for years to come.

Selecting a photographer who can understand and capture your unique vision is key to creating timeless memories on your special day. While choosing a wedding photographer, it is important to consider the style of photos they shoot and ensure that it is in line with what you are envisioning for the day. Additionally, be sure to look at their portfolio and read reviews to get an idea of their capabilities and professionalism. Finally, be sure to ask questions and ensure that the photographer can handle all of your needs for the wedding day. With careful consideration when choosing a wedding photographer, you will be sure to have pictures that will be cherished for many years to come.

The right photographer will also be able to craft beautiful photos with the perfect lighting, composition, and angles that will ensure your photos look stunning  However, choosing the right wedding photographer is incredibly important. A talented photographer will be able to capture the emotions and special moments of your wedding day in beautiful photos. The right photographer will also be able to craft beautiful photos with the perfect lighting, composition, and angles that will ensure your photos look stunning. Finding a reliable and experienced photographer can help make your special day unforgettable.

Meeting with Leon Britton and Discussing Your Wedding Needs

It is important to meet with your photographer before the wedding so you can discuss any special requests or specific shots you want. This is especially true for wedding photography in Liverpool, where a photographer’s portfolio may include venues and background locations that you would like to incorporate into your wedding photos. It is also useful to have a meeting with the photographer to understand their shooting style and make sure it suits the overall vision of your wedding day. If a couple can be confident in the photographer they choose, they can relax knowing that the photographs on their special day will be of the highest quality.

Leon Britton will also need to know the theme and style of your wedding, so he can ensure he captures the right photos for you. This is why it is important to communicate with your wedding photographer in advance. They will be able to discuss with you the different types of photography that would best suit your wedding, including traditional, reportage and contemporary. By doing this, you can be sure that the resulting photographs will reflect the style of your day perfectly. Furthermore, if you have any ideas or special requests for photographs, let your photographer know so they can capture them on the day.

You should also discuss packages and rates during this meeting, so you have a better understanding of what is included in each package before making a decision Next, when meeting with wedding photographers, be sure to discuss packages and rates so that you can get a comprehensive understanding of what is included in each package before you commit. Knowing all of the details before making a decision will ensure that you end up with the wedding photography package that best suits your needs and fits within your budget.

Designing Custom Wedding Photo Packages to Suit Your Needs

Custom wedding photo packages give you the flexibility to select the number of photos, sizes, and types of prints you would like for your special day. When choosing a wedding photographer, it is important to consider the style of photography they specialize in and what packages they offer. Many photographers offer a range of packages, from basic to premium, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs and budget. Don’t forget to ask about extra services such as post-production editing, retouching, online proofing galleries, and albums. Once you have selected a package, don’t forget to confirm the details in writing and ensure that the photographer understands any special requests or requirements you may have. With careful choosing of your wedding photographer and package, you can enjoy beautiful photos that preserve your special day for years to come.

Working with a professional photographer allows you to have control over the editing, lighting, and composition of each shot so that they are exactly how you envision them. Choosing the right photographer for your wedding is a critical step in ensuring the memories from your special day are properly captured. When choosing a wedding photographer, it is important to consider their style, portfolio and reviews. You should also discuss topics such as lighting, angles, and editing techniques so you can be sure that your photos will come out exactly as you envisioned them. Additionally, establishing a budget will also help you narrow down your options and help keep costs under control throughout the process. Before choosing a photographer, take some time to review their portfolio to ensure that they have experience with wedding photography and can capture the type of shots you want.

Custom packages can also be tailored to include additional services such as video montages or digital albums that capture the memories of your wedding day Thus, Merseyside couples planning their wedding should consider hiring a professional wedding photographer to capture their special day. Professional photographers offer custom packages that can be tailored to fit all budgets and needs, from traditional photographs to additional services such as video montages or digital albums. With the help of a professional Merseyside wedding photographer, couples can ensure they have beautiful memories of their special day that will last a lifetime.

Ensure Lasting Memories with Professional Photography

A professional photographer can capture all the special moments at a wedding, from pre-ceremony preparations to the first dance. Finding the right photographer for your big day is important and should not be overlooked. In Liverpool, there are many experienced wedding photographers who offer a range of styles and packages to suit any budget. Therefore, couples can be sure to find someone who can capture all their special moments in an individual and unique way.

Not only will professional photography create beautiful memories to last a lifetime, but it also doubles as a form of art that can be treasured for years to come. When it comes to capturing those special moments of a wedding day, there is nothing more important than having a professional photographer. Professional wedding photography can capture the beauty of the day in a way that amateur photography simply cannot. Not only will this ensure that every moment is captured in its full glory, but it will also provide a beautiful visual record of the special day. Having a professional photographer is an excellent way to ensure that all the memories and emotion of a wedding day are accurately portrayed. With the use of professional lighting, creative composition and post-processing techniques, these memories will become timeless works of art.

Professional photographers have the skills and experience to take stunning photos that showcase the joy, emotion, and beauty of your special day Thereafter, leon britton photography has been renowned for providing couples with the best wedding photography experience. Professional photographers are equipped with the right skills and experience to capture all the joy, emotion and beauty of your wedding day. With leon britton photography, couples can expect stunning wedding photos that accurately display all the hard work and effort put into their special day.

Final Say

To conclude, Leon Britton Photography is the perfect choice for couples looking to capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments on their wedding day. Our experience and passion for wedding photography ensures that you will have breathtaking photos that you’ll be proud to share with friends and family, and that will remind you of your special day for years to come. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help bring your vision to life.


Your Perfect Wedding in Liverpool

Captured by our Experienced Photography Team

As professional photographers, we have the skills and experience to capture your special day in a way that truly reflects your unique style and personality. Whether you’re planning a traditional wedding or something more modern and contemporary, we have the equipment and expertise to deliver stunning results.

In addition to serving the Merseyside and north-west region, we also frequently photograph weddings in Cheshire and Manchester. We have even traveled further afield to capture the magic of our clients’ special days. If you’re in the process of planning your wedding and are in need of a photographer, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to discuss your needs and see if we can work together to create beautiful, timeless images that you’ll treasure for years to come.

When searching for any Liverpool wedding photographer, we always advise that it’s important to take the time to review their work and read their customer reviews. We recommend setting up a video chat or in-person meeting to get a sense of the photographer’s style and personality. It’s crucial to find someone you feel a connection with, as this will ensure that you have a trusted professional by your side on your special day. We insist on a prebooking meeting for all our potential clients. The reason for this is that should either of us not feel we are going to be able to work together to get you the images you want, then we won’t take the booking.  

In addition to wedding photography, we also offer headshot and portrait sessions in our studio. These can be a great opportunity to get some pre-wedding shots with your bridal party or even some group shots of the groom and his groomsmen.

A quick point to remember is that if you’re struggling to find the perfect photographer, remember that each of us have our own unique style and approach. Take the time to find someone who you feel comfortable with and who will work with you to get the pictures you want.

Contact us today to learn more!


We know you probably have many questions about your big day, and understand that booking a wedding photographer is a huge decision. If you can’t find the answers you’re looking for – drop us a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible

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