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It’s always interested me that some companies, not just photographers, often exclude pricing on their websites and brochures.

I understand that sometimes it’s a sales technique in place to obtain the potential clients data before they get access to prices, but as a consumer myself, I often steer clear of such companies.

We’ve all seen the offer for £25 that includes a photoshoot and maybe an included 5×7 print ? That’s the one where you have the shoot and are then offered the opportunity to go back to the studio for a private viewing at a later date or time. Once there, a variety of sales techniques are employed to drive their revenues such as deleting unwanted images in front of you. We all get very attached to images, especially when of our family and friends. This is why such techniques leave clients walking out of the studio having spent often many hundreds of pounds on images they may not have wanted. We don’t do that.

To make it simple and easy to understand; the pricing in our studio is clearly advertised on our pricing and headshots pages. That way, prior to booking, our clients know how much they can expect to end up spending on a session with images.

Once you have completed your session, we then put an online gallery together for you to take a look at all of the images taken and make your decision in the comfort of your own home. It may be a decision you wish to make with family or friends, and with an online gallery you can create a collective favourites list, or an individual one.

Once the final photographs have been chosen from your portrait or headshot studio session, there is an option to inform the photographer. We then send you an invoice for any outstanding session fees plus the cost of the images selected. Once cleared we then get to work on your images, in line with our discussions, and get these back to you in a couple of days.

Pricing should be clear to understand and available to view without asking. Most other forms of retail follow this, and it’s only right that photography follows the same.

So when next making an online search for a headshot or portrait professional photographer near me in Liverpool or the surrounding areas, check to see if they list their prices in addition to their portfolio.

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