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Celebrating Milestones: Capturing Specsavers’ 25th Anniversary in Bootle Strand

Join us behind the lens at Specsavers' 25th-anniversary celebration in Bootle Strand Shopping Centre, where we captured key moments

A Milestone in Sight: Documenting 25 Years of Vision at Specsavers

As a photographer, it’s always exhilarating to be part of a celebration, especially when it marks a significant milestone like a 25th anniversary. Recently, I had the honour of photographing a special event for Specsavers at the Bootle Strand Shopping Centre. This wasn’t just any anniversary; it was a celebration of 25 years of providing the community with vision and eye care.

The Significance of the Event

Anniversaries are a time of reflection and forward thinking. For a business like Specsavers, celebrating 25 years is not only about looking back at the achievements and the journey so far but also about setting the vision for the future. It’s about appreciating the customers and staff who have been part of the story. What made this event even more special was the return of their very first customer, a touching reunion that highlighted the deep connections the store has built over the years.

The Photography Session: Capturing a Legacy

The goal of the photography session was to capture the essence of the celebration and the milestone in a way that Specsavers could use to share their story with a wider audience. This meant capturing both the big moments and the subtle details:

  • The Guests: Including images of staff, customers, and especially the first ever customer, helped to tell the full story of the day.
  • The Atmosphere: Capturing the decorations, the branding, and the layout of the store as it hosted the event.
  • The Emotions: Photography has a unique ability to capture emotions in real-time, and for an anniversary like this, the smiles, laughter, and interactions were as important as the speeches and the cake cutting.


Behind the Scenes: Making the Event Memorable

Working with Specsavers’ staff, we coordinated to ensure that photography would enhance the event without interrupting it. This involved a mix of candid and posed shots, allowing for a natural flow of the event while ensuring that all key moments were well documented. We used a variety of lenses and lighting techniques to adapt to the different spaces within the store and the varying types of shots required.

Challenges and Triumphs

One of the challenges in event photography, especially in a bustling setting like a shopping centre, is managing to capture clear, focused images amid constant movement. However, with careful planning and positioning, we were able to capture vivid, dynamic images that Specsavers can use for promotional purposes, archival material, and social media engagement.

Why Event Photography Matters for Your Business

Photography is a powerful tool for businesses to celebrate milestones, build a brand narrative, and engage with their audience. High-quality, professional photographs:

  • Enhance Visibility: They make your event visible to those who could not attend.
  • Boost Engagement: Sharing these moments on social media can increase engagement and customer loyalty.
  • Archive Important Milestones: They serve as a historical record of your company’s journey and achievements.


Book Your Next Event Photographer

If you’re planning a corporate event, anniversary, or another significant business celebration and need a photographer who can capture the heart of your event, consider Leon Britton Photography. Visit LeonBritton.com to view my portfolio and book a session. Let’s make your next event unforgettable.



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