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Making a “To Do” List

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For me, every day can be different. Some varied & fast paced; others repetitive.

Getting organised is essential.

Running a photography studio certainly keeps life interesting, but without fail every morning I list three things I aim to achieve that day.

Sometimes they can be simple things like cleaning up or sorting out a cupboard; other times it can making the phone calls I have been putting off for no reason 😂

Being honest, there is buzz in being able to cross off things from the list.

If one of the things you’re putting off is booking in for a photoshoot; for personal or business, Put it on YOUR list. Make it your to-do list.

My website has an online calendar and it also has all kinds of help and advice, plus, if you have any questions about booking a session, MSG me and I will come back to ASAP.

If your Liverpool or North-West based and looking to get your images updated, drop me a message or visit the website; LeonBritton.com

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