Leon Britton Photography

We’ve been asked a few times now why we don’t operate from our Liverpool Studio on Sundays, so thought we best put together a post to let you know.

When we opened our studio in the Secret Warehouse there were times we understood we would not be able to open, and this included Sundays.

Initially this seemed like an obstacle to our business, but it has in fact been a positive for us. As a small business we tend to work whatever hours are available to look after our clients and grow our customer base. This often means cutting into a social and home life. Not opening Sunday means that we now have a definitive day off each week to spend at home with our loved ones.

Yes, this means there is no photography in our studio on sundays, but it does mean that we are available the other six days a week.

Our Photographic studio opening hours (strictly by appointment) are as follows:

Mon-Wed 8am to 6pm

Thu-Fri 8am to 8pm

Sat 9am to 5pm

Our studio address is:

The Secret Warehouse

Syren Street, Kirkdale


L20 8HN

For more information on everything we do please browse the website.