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How much do headshots and portraits cost?

We offer a standard pricing structure:

We believe pricing should be clear and simple to follow

That’s why we have a simple pricing method that covers our headshots and portraits. We charge a basic element to cover the session followed by a fee per image. We don’t try and tie you down into taking a set number of images, we leave that up to you.

Many studios may operate differently, requiring you to revisit the studio and make a selection in person. This may involve the images you choose not to opt for being deleted in front of you or the use of other sales techniques – we don’t do that.

For headshots and portraits our session fee is £60.

Our retouched image fee is £30 per image, supplied in various formats as listed below.


Headshots and portraits on location are priced in a slightly different way as it includes a set up cost, as listed further on this page.

* Examples of our standard pricing are shown above and below we have listed a few scenario examples for you:

– Single person headshot or portrait session + 1 image chosen from the online gallery – £60 + £30 = £90 (equals £90.00/image)

– Single person headshot or portrait session + 3 images chosen from online gallery – £60 + £90 = £150 (equals £50.00/image)

– Single person headshot or portrait session + 8 images chosen from online gallery – £60 + £240 = £300 (equals £37.50/image)

Obviously, you are not limited in the number of images you choose – and savings may be potentially available for clients looking to choose over 10 images


Our process for individual clients is as follows:

1 – Book your session and pay a £25 deposit

2 – Pay the balance of your session fee on the day of the shoot

3 – Usually within 72hrs you get to look at an online gallery showing the unedited images from your session

4 –  From the comfort of your own home, with or without our guidance, you choose the images you would like us professionally retouch and supply to you

5 – We forward an invoice for your order and once paid we get to work on your images.

6 – We get the images forwarded across to you usually within 48-72 hours after payment

7 – You then have a week following delivery to raise any further changes or alterations required to the images supplied

Your online proof gallery will usually time out shortly after selection, but should you need to revisit the gallery with the intention of potentially purchasing further images, these can be made available for up to 12 months after the shoot, saving the need to book another session.

Finally – should you wish to book a repeat studio session within 12 months for the same individual, the session fee will be discounted by 50%

Commercial work is charged on an individual basis so please get in touch regarding your requirements.
Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio

Pricing For Headshot / Portrait Sessions

Studio Photography Session Fee

/ per session

Headshot / Portrait Images

/ per image

5 Image Headshot / Portrait Bundle (Individual)

includes session & images

Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio
Headshots Costs On-Location

What is the cost of workplace headshots?

For all of our workplace business and corporate headshot sessions, we initially discuss your needs and work together to get the results and images you are looking for.

We usually schedule a visit to check there is sufficient space to set up a session at your location and discuss the appropriate colour schemes for backdrops. Similarly to our studio sessions, we price in two halves:  a setup fee followed by a session fee.

We’ve priced for both a half and full-day sessions to keep things simple, allowing for up to 15 or up to 30 subjects as a guide.

We will capture several images for each member of the team, which will be uploaded to a private client gallery for your final selection. We will then professionally edit and supply one picture per subject, and the final images are sent digitally using a secure file transfer service. 

Prices shown are for on-site location 

Additional photos are available, priced as below:

office building
Liverpool Photographer Portrait Headshot Business Commercial Studio

Pricing For Headshots In The Workplace

Workplace Setup Fee

/ per day

Half Day Workplace Session Fee

/ 3.5 Hour Session

Full Day Workplace Session Fee

/ 7.5 Hour Session

Commercial Headshots

Workplace or on-location headshot sessions for you and your team are easy to book, take a look at our Professional headshots page for more information

Getting in touch should always be easy, and we will always come back to you ASAP


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