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what makes a great portrait?

This may be somewhat of a matter of personal opinion however, there is one fundamental reason that draws you to an image – a connection. The image should be both engaging, and where suited, beautiful. Ideally it should look to capture the essence of the individual. There are many styles of portrait photography. Formal, casual and everything in between; I can work with you to get the images you want. For families, work or just for yourself, a professional portrait is a timeless keepsake for now and generations to come. You may know exactly what you want, a general idea or have no idea whatsoever. Whatever the requirements, I’m here to help. If you are looking for a portrait, family picture or professional headshots for your portfolio then please get in touch. Sessions can be on location, in our studio or even at home, whatever works best to get the images you want.    
If you’re looking for a friendly portrait picture, family photo or professional headshots for your portfolio – get in touch

what are the Portrait options?

In a similar way to our Headshot Photography, even though we can tailor all of our services, sometimes its easier to select an ‘off the shelf’ option.

We have several packages available.

We try to usually take between 100 and 400 images along with a quick review during the studio session as we go along.
We then upload these to a one of our private online galleries allowing you to then choose your final images. These are then edited for you ensuring we get the very best from each image selected, according to the purpose for which the image was taken. Your final images are then finally emailed across via a secure download link.
Packages can include black and white options, full colour, studio shoots or outside where requested. We are able to amend or customise each of our services to ensure they are tailored to your needs wherever possible.
Our portraits try to capture the essence of the subject, bringing the image to life whilst giving it credibility and authenticity. The essence of a person can be defined as the characteristic or intrinsic feature of an individual which determines their identity or fundamental nature.
We want our images to be engaging, unique and beautiful portraits – bringing to life the personality and character of the person we are working with.

can portrait images be retouched?

The simple answer to that question is YES although the extent of our work is entirely dependent on both the subject and the purpose of your images.

Your retouching may include:

Stray / Flying hair fixed, Eye bags removed, Skin spots, Acne, Scars, Mole removed, Teeth whitened, Eye enhancement, Removal of pimples and wrinkles, Body/Face reshaped, Skin smoothed.
With try with all our images to undertake minor skin retouching, natural tone adjustment and colour correction. Our general rule usually adopted is that if a blemish or imperfection will not be visible in 6 months, then we “fix it” during the final edit.

are unretouched images available?

We try to take our time ensuring our images meet the very high standards and expectations of our clients, especially when our name is attached to it. Handing out unretouched images could potentially mean these are later edited in a style inconsistent or inferior to our own process, and as such we only provide the edited work. 
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